Thursday, November 14, 2013

RI Real Estate Agent Melissa Riley Provides 3 Effective Tips On How To Successfully Be A Working Mom

A working mother takes on the role of many women all at once. She has mastered the art of multitasking efficiently and makes it look easier than you can imagine. You'll very commonly hear, "How does she do it!?" 

When you're a full time employee, and a full time mother, you don't question how you will do it, you just make it happen. 

Making the decision to bring your baby to work, at first, seems like the most reasonable option. It resolves the need to rush your newborn child into a daycare... It gives you the opportunity to spend your day with your bundle of joy snuggled up against you... AND it gets you back into the office before the stacks of paperwork pile up on your desk and your clients decide you've gone M.I.H (Mother In Hiding). 

But of course, we must also think about the fact that your adorable, quiet, sleepy newborn will at some point grow up... wake up... and demand more attention than the regular cuddle sessions. So, we’ve asked working mother Melissa Riley, Westcott Properties' Full Time Managing Director of Relocation Services/Director of the Property Management in the REO Division, Full Time RI Real Estate Agent, and Full Time Mommy to 6 month old Vera Riley, how she does it! She provided us with 3 Effective Tips on how to juggle the ultimate juggling act: Successfully Being A Working Mom. 

1. Take Your Office On The Go - Prepare yourself and your baby for walks in all seasons. No matter the weather, your baby will not be happy cooped up in an office all day. Times have changed, and so has technology. Take advantage of the gadgets around us and embrace the ability for you to work outside of the office and on the go. 

2. Organize Your Day - Scheduling baby and scheduling work is most important. The sooner you can get your little one on a schedule, the easier your life will be. Plan your out of office trips so you can bring the baby to your favorite places while you're on the go; places that stimulate and educate your little one. Melissa loves to bring Vera to Jephry’s Floral Studio on Broadway. Jephry’s is located in the heart of the West Side of Providence, and offers some of the most beautiful floral decorations and has an exquisite colorful interior that will stimulate any babies 5 senses. Vera shares her mother’s love for the scent, site, and feel that Jephry’s flowers offer. It’s a trip they take regularly, and they always leave with an exceptionally crafted bouquet to share at the office.

3. Capture Every Moment - With each day going by quicker than you can count the minutes, and each growth spurt happening just as rapidly, you must remember to capture each moment. A photo allows you to look back and appreciate everything you have, and everything you accomplish on a daily basis. This will help motivate you to get up and do it again every day, with the same great attitude, and with more success each time. 

And lastly, always remember that no matter which path you choose, becoming a working mother or staying at home to raise your children, you have everyone's support. You have provided this world with the ultimate gift, the gift of life. Enjoy every minute of it... You're doing a great job! 

Inspirational Words From RI Real Estate Agent Melissa Riley

"Being a mother is a full time job, but it is the most rewarding of all."

"When you love what you do then you never have to work another day in your life."

Monday, October 21, 2013

Do You Believe In Second Chances?

Real Estate Agent RI | John Morookian is inspired by second chances. As a successful and well-known real estate agent, John has helped numerous home buyers and sellers realize their own "second chance;" whether it be re-listing their homes, or looking for a new one. This real estate agent in RI is both comedic and patient - a perfect companion to navigate the real estate market with. John's obvious market savvy and unparalleled dedication to his craft is inspiring to all around him.

John Morookian, real estate agent RI, is well-versed in every nook of Rhode Island, though his first love is for the Elmhurst area of Providence. As an associate broker and consultant, he is a fantastic resource and support for his team. This sought after real estate agent RI believes in his clients, and is committed to producing results.

Take a peek at John Morookian's newest video on second chances. Classic John, this video will incite you to take your own second chance. Contact John Morookian, real estate agent RI, today.

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